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Test Review - 28/08/2015

Ezzy Taka 2 Semi Soft Wave Sail RRP £540.00

Smiffy, an ex. Shoreham sailor,  now lives in Lanzarote but still keeps in contact re. his kit and how his sun tan is doing... :( 
I would guess he now weighs approx 85kg as he's been on a diet of Heat and Exercise!
Here are his thoughts after using the 2015 Ezzy Taka Mk2  'soft battened' 4.7m wave sail.

Hi Danny James

Just thought I would let you know my thoughts now that I have used the Taka 2 in both gusty overpowered (should have been on a 4.0m on one occasion) and under powered conditons.
It's light, super light, yet powerful but very easy to de-power and throw around. Odd as it feels a bit smaller than the old 4.7m Elite four batten but has as much power. Feels like all Ezzys when sailing but doesn't pull you upright as much as the Elites tend to. For me it's ideal for 4.7 down and would highly recommend it.
Lent it to a lady who loved the lightness, also much easier to get out of the water when water starting, as the boom on the Elite can sometimes catch and sink the clew. The Taka seems to release better.

Been windy to very windy here - although it did
*rain for about 10 minutes *Note from Surfladle.. oh HA HA Mick!!

Hope your all good, any news on RRD FSW being updated. Thinking something 110 L
About 65-66 wide good for 6.3 - 5.8. Any thoughts ?

All the best Mick

Reviewed by Michael 'Smiffy' Smith

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