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All of the Used Boards Not on the Site

Here you will find listed all of the Used Boards that are in stock but not yet on the site. We will move them to the site as soon as we can, so do check in case you were watching and think it has been sold! 
Please Call us on 01273 465366 or Enquire if you would like more info on any of the below . 

Updated:  31 10 2019

WINDSURF BOARDS AT THE SHOP but not may not yet be on the site.

AHD Diamond Race 72 2000 PGC (BO52) £199.00
158lt 275 x 72cm. 48cm and 54cm Deep Tuttle Race fins!

Goya Custom Quad 92lt 2011 PGC (JB89) £349.00

RRD Firewave Limited 112lt 2014 VGC £385.00
(sold in 2016 so not as old as it sounds) 

Starboard Evil Twin 80lt Carbon 2008 GC £99.00!

Witchcraft Wave 89lt V3 SDT 2012 GC (GH91) £325.00

Please CALL or Enquire to arrange viewing.

Please see SUP Category (WindSUP boards listed there)



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