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Latest News - 20/01/2021

Nick Blackburn at Piddinghoe!

I have no idea how I missed a very important article in this month's Windsurf Magazine but somehow I did! Just been scanning through the adverts to see what everyone is up to and then I saw this.. an article on Nick Blackburn who has been working his bits off down at Piddinghoe Pond (it's a lake but always known as the pond) near Seaford, teaching youngsters (and anyone else he can get interested)  the beautiful art of Windsurfing. We've had a long association with Piddinghoe (part of Seaford Sailing Club) and since the very start of Windy'ing in the UK it has produced an amazing number of windsurfers. Nick upped the game with a new amount of energy when he took over and he really is a stick of Seaford Rock, Windsurfing has to be written through his middle!  We are really happy that Windsurf Mag have given him a bit of limelight for all of his efforts. 
Piddinghoe, as a matter of interest, has always been the fall back location for the local sailors when the beach is a little too hairy to risk launching..  Seaford has the 'best' shoredump! 
If you fancy visiting Nick, when we are released from Lockdown, you will find Piddinghoe on the road from Lewes to Seaford.
Well done Windsurf and very well deserved Nick!

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