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Intego Pro Sun Screen SPF 30 and 50

Broad spectrum - Very Water Resistant
Free from Oxybenzone

Tested and proven to the highest standards in the world, our powerful SPF50+ and SPF30 sunscreens are the choice of professional athletes and watersport enthusiasts. They are non-greasy, oil free, water and sweat resistant formula, meaning it absorbs into the skin so won’t run into your eyes or leave your hands slippery. 
With powerful broad spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB sunlight - INTEGO PRO helps keep you out in the action for longer. 

Water Resistant
Sweat Resistant
Fragrance Free
Oxybenzone & Octinoxate Free
Oil Free
Suitable for all skin types

Tube contetnts: 75ml
Approx. Tube size: 11.5cm x 3.2cm
Price £
Factor 30 £16.99
Factor 50 £18.99

Intego Pro is a UK Company and their sunscreen has been developed to be used in all forms of watersports.. which is great for us! It's an apply once and then go out and play. You may have to re-apply depending upon the conditons it is being used in (UK is generally once!).
A customer said..  "Danny, the Intego suncream was excellent! Non greasy on application, good coverage and seemed to last all day. It left my kit un sullied and didn’t run into my eyes. Highly recommended".
For the technical information on Intego Pro please view their website using the link at the base of this listing. 



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