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2022 Severne Pyro Wave

Year: 2022
Compact Shape Quint Box Wave Board

Board Volumes:
 74 - 79 - 83 - 87 -  93 - 99 -105lt
Weight: 5.45- 5.6 - 5.8 - 6.0 - 6.1 - 6.3 -6.45kg
Length: 217 -218 - 219 - 220 - 221 - 224- 226cm
Width: 56 - 57 - 58 - 59 - 60 - 61.5 - 62.5cm
Construction: Compression Moulded Technology
Fins: Slot Box
  2 x 10cm 2 x 14cm
79 - 87lt 2 x 11cm 2 x 14cm 
93 - 105lt 2 x 11cm 2 x 15cm
Boards are supplied as Quads ( 3 x blanking plates for SB included) Please click on below link for Twin and Tri Fin suggested fin sizes.
Sail Size: 3.0 - 6.7m (see specific board 'range' by clicking below link)

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Price £ 2199.00

The Pyro.. maybe called a Pro Board but these boards are as welcoming to a compitent newcomer to waves as they are to a 'Pro'.
They are suppled as a Quad, which for most is likely to be the way the board will stay finned, as it does perform well in all area's of Wave Sailing. Twin option for those that still like to slide that tail around and then a Tri option for those that maybe are still not sure if Quads should be used in Euro wave conditions (unless at places like Guincho or Gwithian!). Single is not really an option and there is no reason in my opinion to try and use a Pyro in that mode. The underside shape is a Single concave.
One other thing.. the Graphics look great!  
Severne say.....

Designed in collaboration with 5 x World Champion Philip Köster, the PYRO will ignite your fire.
Speed rules.  The faster you go, the higher you go. Specifically designed as a launch vehicle to propel Koster into the stratosphere, the Pyro prioritizes speed and power. Own the air.
On the wave, the Koster show is a full-power display of precision and aggression.  Amplifying his waveride was achieved by fine tuning the volume distribution to carry all that speed throughout the turn, and then unload it on the lip. Exact. Explosive. Epic.
Engineered to excel in multiple fin configurations:
Twin for all-round fun and looseness
Thruster to make the most of less than ideal conditions
Quad for when the waves demand more grip 
Aggressive aesthetics. PK performance. SV attention to detail.
Whilst we can’t promise the PYRO will turn you into Philip Koster, it will take you up to the next level. 

With 5 slot-boxes, the Pyro is highly versatile and can be tuned to your personal preference and the conditions. 
The loosest option.  As a twin fin, the Pyro is super fun and maneuverable.  When it’s windy, and there’s some waves to play around in, then this setup is Philip’s everyday choice.
With 3 fins, the Pyro gets up and going a bit earlier and better able to deal with strong currents and gusty conditions.
The most stable option.  When it’s big, and some extra grip is required, a 4-fin setup is dependable and solid.
The HEX4 system makes it quick and easy to change fin setups – experiment and find what works best for you.

A single concave morphs into Vee through the tail, creating fast, low-drag rocker lines through the center of the board.  Early to plane, and super quick.
Put it on rail, and the 3D curves become quite different; the low rail through the single concave kicks up into the late Vee to create a surf-inspired rocker capable of big turns and mad hacks.
Ride it flat to go fast.  Get it on the rail to go vert.


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