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Here are the current stock of Used sails.
Please ask for full size images of any of the sails and we will send Hi Res versions for you to get a good idea of the sails conditon.  Enter an Enquiry Here
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You cal also Call us on 01273 465366 if you would like more info on any of the below .

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Also see our New Sails on Sale list, as some are very Cheap!
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Naish Amp 7.0m (MJ23) VGC £95.00
478cm luff 205cm Boom 460cm SDM mast
Image 1

RRD FOUR 2014 4.2m (OS34) VGC £185.00
RRD FOUR 2014 4.7m (OS34) VGC £195.00
Images 2-3

GOYA NEXUS 7.5m 2014  (OS34) As New £240.00
Image 4
Goya 460-cm 85% Mast available! Click Here

Ezzy Wave 3.0m 2021 Blue VVGC (JC43) £395
Image 5

Ezzy Wave 3.4m 2021 Orange VVGC £410.00
Image 6

Ezzy Wave 4.7m 2021 VGC Blue £395.00
Image 7

Ezzy Wave 5.2m 2021 GC Blue £325.00
Small hole in luff and a mark in the foot panel
Image 8

Ezzy Wave 5.8m  2021 GC Blue £345.00
Small tears in luff
Image 9

We have a set of used Masts to go with the above sail which we will list shortly, so call if you are interested now!

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