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Atan Mistral Boot 3.5mm

Not the cheapest but probably the Best for those wishing not to wear boots! Also the warmest (3.5mm is easily equivalent to most other 5mm boots) .


  • Latex Dipped Neoprene Blind stitched 3mm
  • Polypro. interior
  • Heel support
  • Super Warm
  • Velcro entry sealing strap
  • Sizes Available:
  • T00=34/35, T0= 36/37, T1 =38/39, T2=40/41, T3=42/43, T4=44/45, T5= 46/47, T6=48/49
Colour: Black

ALSO AVAILABLE TO ORDER 5mm Version at £53.99

Mistral, the classic Atan boot. Atan are my favourite footwear and I have been using them since 1993, but they don't suit everyone! If you want the maximum feel which is almost as good as sailing barefoot, then in my opinion these are the only boots that give you that FEELING!
We carry the 3.5mm version as these are the 'original' and have been used during Winter periods for years without any cold feet complaints. There is also a 5mm version which we can supply to order. .
If you buy a pair, here are a few tips..rub the soles lightly over the pavement before your first sail, as the protective storage coating can make them slippery when you finish sailing, rinse them out and turn them inside out to dry and then turn them the right way when dry and DO NOT leave them in the sun as the Latex will turn to goo. I hope you will LOVE THEM as much as I do.


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