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Almost Easter, RRD as mad as a Hatter and SUPs to Go!

 Here it is! Friday evening has come around and we are heading into the weekend before the arrival of Easter 2024, which I am sure will be a welcome four-day break for many of you. Easter Sunday will not only bring large colonies or perhaps ‘fluffles’ of Easter Bunnies (never seen so many in shop window displays!) and copious amounts of choccy eggs but it also ushers in the long-awaited British Summertime, to push the clocks forward and illuminate the evenings once more, bringing life after work! Sadly, for us but gladly for you, we will return to our summer Sunday Opening times of 10am – 4.00pm, so good bye Sunday afternoons.. we will miss you! 

But that is still a week away and the dear old UK weather is making us languish in wintery conditions for a while yet. However, on the brighter side... 
RRD announced a new package for those who are about to Wing Foil or are in the progressing mood and need better kit. You would have to ask yourself the question ‘ why am I buying used kit’ when you can buy new at such a low price (will get to that in a minute)?  Used foils inherently are susceptible to corrosion issues, as well as user abuse, consisting of stripped threads, impacted wings and the bending of the mast that you don’t notice until you get it home. The Wing canopy and bladders can be costly to repair if they have been damaged in use or incorrectly stowed or worst still, just plain old ‘blown out’ by too much use. As for the boards, well, generally you should be ok, unless someone has used the wrong track nuts or bolts of course,  but having a warranty does take away a bit of the worry.  As I said at the start, the packages have options for those who are newcomers and for those with progressing rider abilities and at just £1399.00 for a named board, foil and wing, they are an amazing deal! You can see the options on our website and the packages should be here before Easter, so do contact us or just buy it on the site, if you are ‘in’ for the deal. Last of all, please note that leashes and board bags etc. are not supplied in the £1399.00 price.. we will work summit out. Click Here for the Info
 SUP season will be kicking off again shortly and it’s that time of the year when some of you who have been riding for a while, fancy something smaller to get out into the waves on . The question that is most frequently asked, is what is the best priced board out there at the moment? The Starboard Blend 9’8” x 30” Lite Tech has to be ‘it’, as at £699.00 for a Cobra Constructed board (the Thailand factory that is seen as probably the best manufacturer of composite boards) it’s a great price! The 9’8” length makes the board still fairly easy to paddle in a straight line but short enough to turn (only 8” longer that a Mal surf board)  and at 30” wide, should have the stability for most average weight riders. We have one in the shop that has now been reserved for a customer but happy for anyone interested to come along and take a look. We can have another or maybe more, at the shop by Wednesday. Click Here for Info

If that sounds a bit narrow for you, there are other wider offers, such as the RRD Cosmo which is a Wide Wave SUP. Their price is currently £1399 but do ask if you are interested, as we may be able to reduce that a little. They are also listed on our website.. Click Here..  but one that is not which should, is the JP Surf Wide boards in 8’8” x 32” and 9’3” x 32.5”, which are £940.00 / £970.00 and once again are a Cobra constructed board and a great buy! More Info at
All food for thought.. but make the thought think fast, as availability is limited.  
Time now for the weather forecast for this weekend.
Saturday, the good news is that the winds from the West at 19-27kts! The not so good news is that it comes with an air temp of just 8°C (almost half of what it was yesterday!) and possible rain showers early afternoon. The wind could shift to Nor’West by 4.00pm if the Met office have guessed it right, Guru says closer to 5.00pm. The tide is High at 10.35hrs on a 5.6m so a perfect day for Shoreham, as even if the wind is slightly cross off, the wind line should be at the water’s edge and the waves should ‘hold up’ due to the cross off direction, for ‘Long Rides’! 
Sunday, the wind is currently forecast to stay from the Nor’West 17 – 24kts (may start to drop back mid-afternoon) and if that comes true, it’s a day to head off to Bracklesham Bay or to the Witterings, as it will be cross shore at those locations. Temp is a little better at around 10°C and no rain shown at the moment. Tide is High at 11.08hrs on a 5.8m,
Rugby Six Nations is on again this weekend and it’s the turn of the Ladies teams, so if the weather is not seeming inviting there’s another reason to head into a warm pub, perhaps for the last time this winter.  And that is it, please forgive any grave grammatical errors or misguided typos, as this has been a late runner.  We hope you have a great weekend, whatever you decide to do! 

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