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Test Review - 06/10/2019

RRD Pocket Rocket 180 E-Tech / Duotone Wing / Slingshot Hover Glide Foil

RRD Pocket Rocket 180 122lt E-Tech  £1334.00

Duotone Wing 5m Complete £702.99

Slingshot Hover Glide F Wind V3 £1199.00
Slingshot Infinity Carbon 84cm Wing £550.00 
Slingshot Shift Fuselage 61cm £150.00
84cm Wing and 61cm fuselage for SUP and Wing use.
84cm Wing can also be used with std. fuselage for extra lift in Windsurf mode.

Graham Highsted
is an incredibly enthusiastic Surfer, Windsurfer and Kitesurfer weighing in at approx.73kg. He has owned various Wind and SUP Foil specific boards as well as Foil friendly boards plus he has a very good knowledge of foils with changeable wing combinations (currently using a Slingshot HG). He has now used the Pocket for all three disciplines, Wind, Wing and SUP and these are his reports.
Wind Foiling. First Report.
Hi Danny.
 Went out on the Rocket tonight, 13 knots and dropping to about 8-10 knots with the big wing (Slingshot Infinity 86) 5.7m Severne Gator no harness and just two front foot straps. Omg... this board with this combo was awesome, not a white cap in sight but once I had sussed out the pumping technique (as I said before, turn down wind, move both hands down boom but not far, either side of harness lines, pump board and sail up to the foil starts to lift,  stamp on back of board)  and up she came, then I managed to pump the foil only to gain more speed. Real joy playing in the swell. I was so excited that I was so close to pulling of my first proper gybe! I convinced  Martin P that he should have a go ( Martin has only really foiled last year on holiday and about four times on my JP 135, no more than a hour and a half max) I explained to him about the boards unique take off and after his first run he was also up and running . You should have seen the smile on his face.  My point is that Martin is light on his feet, weighs probably 11 stone and was up hauling and tacking the Rocket no problem at all so it is possibly a first time board for someone like him.
I hope this helps!
Duotone 5m Wing. First Report.
Hi Chaps from the sunny Ile de Re!
Had my first proper session on the 5m wing and Pocket Rocket 
Wind 15-16 knots hence beach shorts and rashie!
Bloody perfect setup, will send you a couple of vids, the 5m is definitely the size for me and it works perfectly, managed to pump it up on the plane, check out the windsurfers..  wobble! :) 
Speak soon 
SUP Foil (Shoreham 05 10 2019). First report.
Hi Danny
Used the Pocket Rocket with the Singshot foil today .. in SUP mode. Foil in middle track position (short fuselage and 84 wing fitted). Holy crap, after approx. an hour of suicidal drops on the swell I started to get pumping along on the wave! There is no end to what this board can do, loving it! RRD need to rename it The Swiss Army Knife.. finally a board that does do exactly what it says on the tin!


Reviewed by Gray Highsted

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