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Test Review - 15/04/2019

K4 Fang Fin

K4 Fang 36cm Tuttle Box

Mattias Ryman runs his own Board design and Manufacturing company in Sweden (Windsurf and Snowboards. ) so he is well qualified to make a comment about fins in general.

 Hi Danny,

Got to try my new Fang fin this weekend and I must say it's really good. Its more friendly in the gybes than my G10 slalom fin, it easy to feel when a spin out is about to happen and easy to pull back when it do spin out. Control in stronger winds is also better than slalom fin. It has slightly less "power" than the slalom(Choco Fireblade) fin for upwind work and acceleration out of the gybes.  This is not a material thing but a profile/outline thing. Which is the same as for example Select Edge, so cannot say this fin has less performance than a Select Egde, actually, I think this fin is better...So I think it´s the most affordable fin with this kind of performance so highly recommended. 

Reviewed by Mattias Ryman

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