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Test Review - 27/04/2018

Severne Dyno 105 2018

Guy Curtis has been sailing for as long as I can remember and has had more boards than I have had! He is well known throughout the windsurfing community for his van racking comapny (Vehicle Racking Systems) and I don't think anyone would say that Guy talks anything but sense.. so read on and if you want one of these boards Book Now as it is currently a bit of a wait!

Board. 2018 Severne Dyno 105 ( available in 85 -95-105-115lt)

 Hi Danny,

Just thought you'd want to know that the board is bloody fantastic!
I've sailed it over the last 3 days in very different conditions, from 6.5m, 6.0m to 4.5m yesterday. All I can say is that it was stupendous yesterday in quite difficult gusty and confused sea state conditions. There were quite a few people struggling but for my first real high-wind sail since last year I was absolutely ripping it up! I manged about 2 hours of sailing yesterday at my winter weight and fitness, the board was that easy! I'm still struggling to understand how I was sailing a 105ltr board in yesterdays conditions?
I pretty much had it dialed in within a couple of runs and would say it is less technical to sail than my twin-fin Kode. It goes up wind like a slalom board, turns better than the Kode - I had the fins screaming doing inside carves yesterday - and even in 35mph gusts the board felt like it had less volume than the Kode. Yet a couple of days before I was light wind sailing with a 6.5m sail, carrying my weight easily, even when the wind dropped! 
It just eats our typical Shoreham chop for breakfast and makes it hardly noticeable, which is why i think it was so easy to sail confidently in maxed-out conditions like yesterday. It was just so totally predictable and comfortable with everything I tried. Where as the Kode and Nu-Evo often catches me out if I'm not 100% on it all the time. 
Not only a revolution in design but a revelation in performance as well. The best board I've owned, expensive but worth every penny. This has to be the perfect South coast board. Simply amazing!
*Oh...Nick had a go on Tuesday and he was as equally impressed!

* Nick Shinner... who I sold a 115 board to..  but it was a board that I had also put aside for another customer when we pre-ordered it and had forgotten!!!! Wel, there was a 2 month wait but that is NO EXCUSE!
I AM SORRY NIC but by the sounds of it..  it will be worth the wait!

Reviewed by Guy Curtis (Vehicle Racking Systems)

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