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Test Review - 30/10/2017

RRD Hardcore 68lt V5 Ltd

Simon is a very experienced sailor with connections to the windsurf press (UK and Overseas) and as a co-runner of the Mistral Centre in Dahab. He is from Seaford but currently living in Seville Spain. He was not up for a Quad but that's what he ended up with. :)  Over to you Si..  

Hi Danny,

So I got out on the board yesterday – 3.7m rolling swell, but no down the line sailing. Was a bit gusty and choppy on the inside.
The board is superb and is exactly the right size for me weighing in at 73kg. I played with the central fin positions a lot and it is obvious the board can be set up to be extremely versatile, 1cm play trades drive for looseness – quite impressive difference. I still have yet to play with the footstrap and thruster fin positions – one variable at a time, there is a lot to progress into here it seems. I am wondering whether the stock 2 x 15.5cm + 2 x 9cm fins might be a little on the large side for sail sizes 3.7m and below. It feels like it will take a 4.7m or 5.0m, but definitely nothing larger.
One thing that is immediately apparent is that at non-planing speeds it doesn’t feel like 68 litres (is very comfortable to plod along), but once up and running it does. The shape of the deck and volume distribution under the feet is a very slick bit of design and can’t be praised enough. I don’t think I have seen a manufacturer yet pay such attention to what a board does when it is isn’t planing. This is so important for wave boards when one is often caught trying to get back through the break after getting wiped out or making a quick turn around to run away. The other thing that I appreciated was that the front footstrap holes are not too wide apart, meaning that with the standard hole for hole fixings, the straps fitted snugly up to the sides of my [Size 42] feet. But with boots it may be a tight fit. With this and the wide front to back footstrap spacing adjustment, it could be easily set up for someone of a more diminutive stature by skewing the front straps to give them further reduced width. The Italian touch of comfort and style perhaps.
So having not been a fan of quads before, I am inclined to change my mind after sailing this particular board. It’s potential for wave riding and monster grippy turns is obvious after the first gybe, it is awesome. Wind strength yesterday and general board size aside, it needs a committed approach to get the best out of it. I think the board range would be very accessible for most sailors despite the name ‘Hardcore’ perhaps discouraging some, especially smaller riders who could take advantage of the sideshore outline in all types of conditions.
RRD should also be commended for their logistics as well.. here with 3 days shipping from Italy to delivery here in Seville by DHL. Well packaged and not a mark on the box. So thanks again for organising.
Will let you know when I have tested it a bit more.


Reviewed by Simon Allen

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