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Test Review - 05/01/2015

RRD Airsup Convertible Plus 10'4" x 34" x 4.25"

The below review is from Richard Hunt who is an experienced windsurfer and SUP'er. You can read more about this board by Clicking Here
or Contact us to arrange a Demo!
Current RRP is £876.00

Hi Guys!

Having been paddleboarding now for over 4 years I have tried various boards of different sizes but have never been impressed by an inflatable. However I was lucky enough last Sunday to try an RRD WindSup inflatable which James kindly lent me. The weather was not great, grey cold and quite windy (20mph!) for an inflatable, or so i thought .I got to the beach and it was choppy waves coming at me thick and fast, but this 10'4" x34" board took it in its stride .I was amazed at how much fun i was having, catching wave after wave. If only I had a sail with me,  because this board was windsurfable as well!  Oh well, next time. Anyway if you have limited space (ie no large van or storage) this board in my mind is ideal. Very quick to pump up, very light and super user friendly.
Many thanks for the loan James, I will be back to try it in Windsurf mode!


Reviewed by Richard Hunt

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