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Test Review - 23/08/2013

Naish Chopper Large

 Lou Mason is a very experienced windsurfer based on the South Coast. She has travelled to many of  the worlds best windsurfing spots and has probably sailed as much kit as any magazine tester... so I was interested to recieve her thoughts re. a Naish Chopper Large (approx. 5.2m) she has just purchased... AND I WANT HER FRONT GARDEN!!!! 

Hi Danny,
I have now used my chopper, this morning in an ESE, about F3-4. I used it on my Firemove and 90L twintip.
It feels incredibly  light and planes early for a sail of this size, when in transitions you don't even feel the pull of the sail, very neutral . When the wind increased it remained beautifully balanced. For myself, being light, I loved the swing weight .. Highly Recommended. Maybe I should add some more into my quiver.... :)


Reviewed by Lou Mason

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