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Test Review - 14/01/2013

Starboard nuEvo Twin Fin 2013

Board Tested:  nuEvo 80lt Carbon.
Price: Carbon Version £1499.00 . Wood Version £1349.00
Available Sizes: 73 - 80 - 93lt

Whenever you think R&D is done, that there’s nothing new to discover anymore, it's the end, the final stage, the curtains close, etc… and you’re ready to settle down with the board you have, there will always be a shaper that goes out on a limb, mixes up his rocker lines, adds some fairy dust and BAM!!! You’re getting something beneath your feet that hasn’t felt like anything before. Like this year’s NuEvo for instance, which isn’t just a "new Evo", but possibly the very first of a whole new generation of wave boards. Never before has a test board approached the pure surf style – there’s no way to ride down the waves in an easier and radical manner.

The straps – a dream. Soft, comfortable and easily adjustable. Only screwing them in is tedious, with the upside that you’ll rest assured that they will never loosen by themselves.

A windsurf board that will harness the power of a wave better than the power of a sail? This is what the NuEvo aspires to be and this is what stood out throughout our testing sessions. Against the wave, your planing is acceptable, but once you’re on it, even the smallest bump will push your board more than you’d accomplish with a sail pump. Light and playful, the soft and grippy, the NuEvo dances from rail to rail and will let average windsurfers look like they’re ripping. Even when your timing is off, the NuEvo just turns on in any way imaginable , feels secure on the rail at any given speed, allows for snappy turns and slides and catches whichever way you like it. The soft and composed feel the board has allows you to relax when you are heading out and in shlogging mode, the board is stable enough. Even on flat water the board has some fluent and tight jibes up its sleeve.

SURF Verdict:
The rider who sometimes ventures into bigger waves and who enjoys side to side-offshore conditions will appreciate the NuEvo as a super agile board for the most fluent surf style imaginable. And the NuEvo really works on any wave, from mushy foam straight up to the beach. To those who like to ride in side-shore conditions chasing for ramps, the Kode Wave is your weapon of choice.

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Reviewed by Surf Magazine (Germany)

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