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Test Review - 15/12/2012

Go Pro DVD

Mark is an experienced sailor from Eastbourne who is constantly looking for ways to improve his already high standard of sailing, hence we thought he would be a perfect candidate to give us a fair and accurate overview of this DVD.

Hi Danny.

My view on the Go Pro DVD is that firstly its basic in terms of the packaging and by the way in which you navigate between videos, so it initially comes across as being a little bit of a low budget production. The videos are quite short so it does require constant interaction. It has the multi angle photography which is a helpful tool in some shots but also it makes it difficult to see where the board /rider is in some moves in relation to the turn and to the wind direction. The videos show the moves which is accompanied with a few tips on audio but the advise tips are quite limited, there seems a lot more to be said on the moves so it may be aimed at sailors that are almost there on the move as opposed to somebody completely new to the move. It may be an approach where you do not over complicate the move with too much instruction and let the rider work the rest out? I tend to favour instruction that breaks the move down more with greater detail on the mechanics of the move covering board, sail and rider. Saying all of that, I have certainly taken away a few tips from the DVD which I will test next time I'm out, hopefully tomorrow. From that perspective the DVD is worth having but I think because of its price and being in competition with other instructional DVD's it might not appeal to every windsurfer. 


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Reviewed by Mark Perkins

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