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Test Review - 28/10/2011

RRD Freestyle Wave 96 Ltd 2012

Model: Freestyle Wave 96 LTD
Volume: 96Lts
Size: 234x63cm
Fin box: POWER
R·S·S: 4.7-6.4
Weight: 6,7 Kgs +/- 6%
Price: Ltd £1475.00
Also available in X Tech Construction (7.26kg +/- 6%) £1330.00 

Hi Danny

As you know got the new board on Friday, went to Bracklesham on Sunday.
Arrived to find people on 5.8 and 5.3 sails - so rigged a 5.2 as thought it was going to come up a bit.

As you also know, it was a BIG decision whether to buy the 90L or the 96L, as was worried the width might be too much on the new ones.

(Note. There has been a lot of debate prior to the 2012 boards arriving as to which size replaces what, as the boards are quite a lot wider this year).

Well, what a fantastic board! It didn't feel to wide - feels compact and same size as the old 96. Jumped gybed perfectly on some nice swell, great at staying up wind and kept planing through the white water when others were having problems.

So my advice to anyone who wants one, IS; - buy the size you want in volume, don't look at the width.


Reviewed by Smiffy (Mick Smith). Shoreham Beach Resident

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