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Test Review - 09/06/2011

Aeron V-Grip Boom 140cm

Phil Dobner has been around a bit.. :)
He is a very experienced windsurfer/kitesurfer/SUP'er (ex. Moon Beach owner/instructor) and is available for one to one Tuition, but only when his child minding duties allow! Call us if you want his Help!!

Hi Danny,
First sail with the v grip last night (09 /06 /11 strong s-west winds) 
Most people on 4.2/4.7 so rigged a 5 to give the boom a good flexing test.
Without a doubt stiffer than my XX carbon, maybe it is the shape of the boom,  maybe the super solid front end, not sure yet.

The V grip feels really positive, relaxed in the hands, relaxed grip. Normally if I'm that over powered I would be really gripping the boom but with this grip I didn't need too, it seems because your hands are in a different stronger position your grip is naturally stronger without having to actually grip the boom any tighter.
Relaxed is a word I would use to describe how it feels.

I really like the squared off 'new school' front end as well, it seems to make the rig rotate better in the gybes and better clue first also helped keep the rig sheeted in whilst sailing.
Interestingly also better for water starting as the square front end raises the mast higher out of the water when flying the rig.

The boom is definitely heavier* on the beach but zero difference once rigged and on the water.

Emmm, £ 180, I've just saved myself £ 150 by buying v-grip alloy instead of carbon, what to buy next...
Oh yeh, Amber's nursery, baby wetsuit...


* Due to the double tube in a  V- Grip boom (whether they are from Aeron or ProLimit), they weigh approx 0.3kg more than a std. alloy boom.

Reviewed by Phil Dobner

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