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Test Review - 09/03/2011

RRD Poison Camo 41

Danny is a local kitesurfer and is a sponsored rider for Seasprite, the RRD Importer for the UK.. we thought we should make this clear. However, he is very happy to chat to people about the RRD kit, so please do email him if you have any questions.

RRD Poison Camo 2011 (133x41cm) £459.00

The Poison Camo kite board for RRD 2011 is built with the same Laminar wood core as the lighter weight Poison LTD, but it has a more durable top and bottom finish.
The board sizes are as last year, but the number of screw fittings for the footstrap plates has been increased to allow a much wider stance option. For those freestylers the wider stance can help with landings and puts the rider in a more comfortable position.
One downside of the 2010 board was that it would scratch fairly easily if ridden up onto the beach (or if a rock was hit). This year with this board, the top and bottom layers make a massive difference and are very difficult to scratch. I have been riding the board for a while now and the board is still in perfect condition, with no scratches at all!
On the water the board has the same brilliant characteristics as every RRD Poison board does. Excellent pop, smooth ride and easy on the knees, these are just some of the things that make the RRD Poison such a good board. The stance on the board is a lot more comfortable than before, for a larger rider as well the stance would be a lot better suited.
Finally the graphics on the board are brilliant, on the water it looks really good. The bright colors also make it very easy to see when you loose it! The pads and straps are nice and easy with the brilliant RRD ‘Screw it’ system that makes your kite boarding that little bit easier. The fins on the board are slightly different to the previous years, the same overall fin just a slightly different material and color.

Hope this helps, but if you have any questions then please contact me.

Reviewed by Danny Morrice

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