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Test Reviews

"We have the most comprehensive selection of windsurfing equipment anywhere on the South Coast"

We always strive to recommend the best products to match your own requirements and sailing ability, but often you like to hear about how a particular board or sail is judged from the 'horses mouth', so we have included a list of test reviews from some of our happy customers for you to digest. Why not e-mail us wiith your own test review to help others make the right decision when purchasing from us!

2012 RRD Firemove 110lt Ltd

Review received from James Lawrence 27/11/2011
Sail: Ezzy...

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Aeron V-Grip Boom 140cm

Phil Dobner has been around a bit.. :)
He is a very experienced windsurf...

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RRD Poison Camo 41

Danny is a local kitesurfer and is a sponsored rider for Seasprite, th...

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ION Fuse Drysuit and Ezzy Panther Mk3

Tested January 15th 2011


First chance to use...

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RRD Wave Cult Quad 75lt 2011

RRD Wave Cult Quad 75
Steve is a very well travelled (he has sailed a lot...

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