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Product Information

2016 ProLimit Hydrogen Steamer LT Dry

Year: 2016

Release water from the legs of your wetsuit.
Detachable Velcrolegstraps
Toughpadz Glued Blindstitched FTM Seals
Airflex 550+ Neoprene Breathable 4 layer microfibre
T-Zip Dryzipper
Neoprene Dryseals
Extended Cuff protection
Ankle Latex Seals

Sizes:  54/xl

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RRP: £349.00
Now £199.00!

This has to be one of the best types of Dry come Wetsuit available as it marries up the two versions of winter suits allowing maximum warmth and movement in the upper suit but withpuit the worry and akwardness of Drysuit legs and braces (get it wrong with a Drysuit and it will flip you updise down in the water!).
Below the Pro Limit 'say' there is a review by a customer worth reading ..
Pro Limit say..

The Pro Limit Hydrogen Loose Top (LT) is a unique product. Loose fit in the upper part and arms and a conventional wetsuit bottom. The upper part is made out of our 4 layered breathable Microfiber and the lower part is constructed from high stretch neoprene. The Seams of the neoprene bottom are all FTM taped, triple glued and blind stitched inside to make sure you will be comfortable and warm. Insider tip: Use a innersystem thermal layer to get the best performance of our breathable microfiber. You never will be cold!


Just a quick mail as promised with a little feedback on the dry suit.
I managed to wear the suit the very next day after buying it.
It was 11c air temp and 8c water temp which is pretty good for February. 
I wore a long sleeved wicking base layer t shirt  that you get from sports shops.
Putting the suit on is fairly straight forward with its regular wetsuit style fit on the legs up to your abdomen,  the upper half is where it gets more interesting. The top is like wearing a gortex jacket, in both feel and fit. The cuffs are neoprene that are a snug fit as is the neck seal although the neck can be cut lower according to the instructions which will loosen the seal a little.
The dry zip across the back needs a little lube which is provided and this definatley helped smooth the pull across the shoulders.
Whilst it is possible to zip and unzip the suit yourself, it would be wise to get a friendly passer buy to do this for you.
On the first run out you kind of get this unnerving feel that you have forgotten to put your suit on, the freedom of your upper body is quite remarkable and the main reason for me getting this suit.
Your wrists are telling you that you have got a conventional suit on because of the neoprene cuffs but the rest of your body  is saying that your wearing just a tshirt. At first I was maybe on the cooler side of normal but after a couple of  minutes for regular sailing I was up to temperature and never gave it another thought.On cooler days I may wear a 1mm neoprene vest or a thermal rash vest would be good, I've heard of some wearing a then fleece which would work as there is enough room for it but it would have to be really cold for me to do this and my hands would suffer if it were that cold.
I was partly expecting the top of the suit to be a little flappy in the wind but they seem to have got the  balance right of it being loose enough in fit without being excessively baggy to be a hindrance.
When removing the suit at home it becomes clear that although the body material is partially breathable it did not handle all the body vapour or sweat generated and the base layer t shirt was damp, I guess that a normal wetsuit will just absorb this into the neoprene but there is no absorbancy to the top of this suit so a neoprene vest may be a good option as this can easily be washed.
Overall I'm very happy with the suit, it's not a new concept as it's been around for a number of years but I really liked the idea when I first saw it and it has worked better than I thought. It provides supreme mobility around the shoulders whilst being adjustable in the amount of warmth it gives by adjusting the base layer underneath. The zip will need a little more care than some of the other suits around at the moment but the benefit of the mobility is worth it.


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