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Product Information

2022 Ezzy Sails Cheetah Performance Freeride

Year: 2022

*6-7 Batten Freeride No Cam High Tension Outhaul Sail
(Sail Specifications are below the description).
* 5.5m to 7m are 6 batten sail. All others are 7 batten.

RDM or SDM Mast.

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Note. The UK often has the new sails before they are on the website!

Blue - Orange

Size.    Price.    Weight kg
5.5m   £725.00   3.64
6.0m   £740.00   3.85
6.5m   £760.00   4.03
7.0m   £775.00   4.24
7.5m   £790.00   4.62
8.0m   £810.00   4.84
8.5m   £825.00   5.05
9.5m   £845.00   5.31

Cheetah.. The No Cam Performance Freeride sail from the Ezzy loft has regenerated for 2022. The changes are once again a reduction in weight, which when you compare the DRY weights of the previous model seems to be insignificant or even the same! It is weight saving when the sail is WET that has been looked at on this version and the main change was to remove water absorbant patching and replace it with Scrim,  to reduce the water retention and therefore reduce WET sail weight. The sails have also been designed to feel more more compact  and to increase low end power and stability. As always, the guys and girls at Ezzy have produced a wonderful sail for people to enjoy wherever they sail.. which is another part of the Ezzy Strength! 
Sadly we see another price hike but this is due to further shipping cost increases, which are still absurdly high compared to pre- Covid.
Ezzy say.. 

What is the Ezzy Cheetah?
 A high performance, camless freeride sail.
Who is the Cheetah for?
 Intermediate and expert windsurfers who want a well built, fast, and easy handling sail for freeriding.
What feels different on this year’s Cheetah?
1) More compact.
2) Lighter.
3) More low-end power.

What else?
With the center of effort moved lower and forward, the Cheetah pulls evenly between the front and rear arms.
New scrim reinforcements are lighter because they
don’t absorb water.
The Cheetah requires less downhaul tension, which
results in a fuller leading edge and improved low-end.
Why buy a Cheetah?
 You can have fewer sails in your quiver because the Cheetah’s “baked-in” profile makes it stable across a wide wind range.
The Cheetah is light-weight and built to last. Our materials include scrim, Dyneema, Technora, and RBS epoxy battens (the strongest battens in the world). Our calibrated downhaul system shows you exactly where to set your downhaul.
The Cheetah is ready to go right out of the bag. Every Cheetah is pre-rigged, allowing us to scrutinize our work, tension the battens, and wish our creation 'bon voyage', as it heads off to its new owner.

Size m.  Luff cm.  Boom cm.  Ezzy Mast .
              min-max   min-max   base/ top

5.5        432-436     170-180    430/430
6.0        441-445     178-188    430/430
6.5        453-457     186-196    430/430
7.0        464-468     193-203    460/460
7.5        475-479     201-211    460/460
8.0        483-487     209-219    460/460
8.5        498-502     216-226    490/490
9.5        511-515     228-238    490/490


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