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Product Information

Simmer SX 8 Carbon Boom

Diameter: 26-27mm
Tapered: Yes
Construction: Pre-Preg Carbon
Weight: Please see link below for More Info

Loop and Go rear cleat on 140 / 150cm booms.
Roller Rear Cleat on 180cm booms.
Twin pin rear end adjusters.
Monocoque front end
Removable shim for RDM - SDM masts

Size              Grip       Profile
140-190cm  25mm  New School
150-210cm  25mm  New School
180-240cm  27mm  New School

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for Boom Outlines and More Info

140-190cm  £499.95
150-210cm  £529.95
180-240cm  £619.95


The SX8 is a high performance pre-preg carbon boom which presents most of the superb quality features seen on our top of the line SX10 boom, but it is made from a standard grade of pre-preg carbon which allows us make a full body carbon boom at a great price. The monocoque carbon body and and tail extension makes the SX8 extremely stiff, strong and light.
For maximum riding comfort the SX8 features a super thin grip. We vary the diameter used according to the discipline; 25mm for the 140 and 150 boom and 27mm on the 180  boom. The outline is developed specifically for each size to promote the best rig dynamics possible. The boom head is designed for maximum grip to the mast. With a high friction contact surface against the mast, a robust rope hook and a boom lever that allows you to effortless apply high-tension when securing the boom to its correct position. The double pin lock system provides optimal load distribution and a stiff connection between the boom monoquoe carbon body and the carbon tail end, even when maximally extended.
Most of the Simmer Style sails are developed on SX8 rig components, so for guaranteed high-end performance at a great price choose SX8.


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