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Product Information

2012 Witchcraft Wave V3 SDT 89lt Used

Year: 2012
Ref. WWV38912
Weight: 6.5kg approx. (feels lighter!)
Length: 228.9cm
Width: 60.1cm
Construction: SDT. Single, Double, Triple sandwich E-glass (70%), Carbon (15%),Dyneema® (5%)-epoxy-Single-Double-Triple sandwich. With full high quality dense woven E-glass on top and bottom, overlapping on the rails plus carbon and Dyneema reinforcements. 
Fin: Original G10 Witchcraft 14.5cm Mini Tuttle side fins and 15.5cm US Centre fin supplied.
Sail range:  3.7 - 6.0m


A rare opportunity to buy one of the toughest but lightest windsurfing wave boards on the market. The Witchcraft SDT construction is their most economic but still rated as one of the lightest and toughest boards on the market.. which is very useful when most of the beaches you sail are shingle. It's also useful on the water as it reduces the chance of snapping in half, heal denting or boom / mast damage to the deck (saying that there are a couple of small mast dents on the deck of this board but they are not that noticeable and have not delaminated). 
This is a V3 Wave Board (a stock design sideshore board) which is in good condition structurally but has a few gel coat marks, mainly on the underside where there is a small repair. 
This is what Witchcraft say about their V range designs..
The Wave V boards are a wave riding orgasmatron for the better waveriding conditions like on Fuerte´s North Shore, Punta Preta, Baja,  Chile,  Cornwall, Klitmoller, somewhere called *Shoreham :)  or Ireland. In wave riding the bottom turn is the fore play and the top turn the orgasm. And as we all know, the better the foreplay, the better the orgasm. But a good bottom turn is a lot harder than a good top turn. In the bottom turn you are turning back up the wave, using the opposite rail and without much help of the sail to tighten the turn. The Wave has a unique shape which excels in bottom turning, it´s most outstanding feature is the sharp rails which gives it its trademark electric grip, preventing sideways slip (which is causing a loss of energy), giving precision, drive and fast reaction, the drawn out outline both helps to initiate the turn plus gives excellent control, the inverted V bottom shape with increased rocker in the rails giving drive, the smooth progressive rocker-line, the pre-twisted fins that have the least drag and help to initiate the turn all sum up to make a big difference. These features also make the Wave the best shape for float n ride conditions. In fact that is where you will notice the difference in performance the most. In light wind float n ride conditions you notice differences a lot more.
Often we hear comments how dependable the board feels in the bottom turn and that it feels like the board even accelerates in the turn. Like this you can set yourself up the best way for attacking the lip. Also in the top turn the grip of the rail provides for a powerful turn and the swept back fins with a profile that can handle big angles of attack before breaking out give full confidence to push as hard as you like, no holding back like you even see many pros always on the edge of losing their board. Should you wish to let the tail break out in soft waves, this is still easy, look for a bit of foam or let the fins break out over the back of the wave.

* OK.. we added Shoreham!!


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