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Product Information

2019 Starboard Lite Tech Boards

Year: 2019
Lite Tech are a board range made by Starboard to entice people into their products. They only make a small number each year and in the Key Models. The Tourer and Wide Point boards are exceptional value! 

Volume: Approx 168 ltrs
Length:  12' 6"
Width: 31" 
Fitted Deck Pad 
Dol-Fin US Box Fin 
RRP £799.00

Wide Point.
Approx 168 ltrs
Length: 10' 5"
Width: 32" 
Fitted Deck Pad 
Thruster Fin set
 RRP £749.00

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How cheap can a Composite board be.. but these are not a CHEAP board as they come from the world renowned Cobra Factory in Thailand. The Tourer is ridiculously good value as the shape of these boards is not an easy one to manufacture. If you want speed at a reasonable cost.. look no further!
The Wide Point offers more Fun in the waves or paddling up a river than any SUP board should be allowed to! 


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