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Product Information

Surfladle Footstrap screws and anti twist plates

PP3 Philips Pan Head Footstrap screws
and Anti Twist plates

Price is for one screw or one plate
A= Cobra M6 x 28mm  £1.75 

B= Fanatic M7 x 28mm £2.00
Fanatic M6 x 32mm £2.00
Also JP M6 x 28mm £1.90 

C= Starboard M7 x 28mm £1.90
(Used as a repair screw for M6 which
have stripped their threads).
Also Starboard M7 x 32mm £1.90

D=Starboard Anti twist top plate £2.00
(fits under the screw)

E= Starboard K9 anti twist plate £1.00
(fits under strap but only on boards designed for this style of plate. Slot beteween screw holes)

Not Shown!
Pozidrive Headed M6 x 28cm £1.80 each

 Please Call us if you need help identifying which screw / plate your board uses.


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