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Product Information

2019 Ezzy Sails Elite Mk7 5.7m

Year: 2019

4 Batten Wave / Freewave -  High Tension Outhaul Sail
(Sail Specifications are below the description).

7th Generation .
  • Designed for on-shore and side-shore waves, as well as flat water.
  • Super Balanced, Stable, Lowered Centre of Effort.
  • Wide wind range, so fewer sails are needed in your quiver.
  • Calibrated Rigging System makes setting the downhaul a no-brainer.
  • Downhaul indicators for rigging non-Ezzy masts.
  • New Tack Panel layout.
  • Increased Clew Strength (although sail is lighter than Mk6)
  • Every Elite is rigged and thoroughly inspected in our factory.
Mast Type: RDM
Note. To use the Ezzy Downhaul indicator their own mast should be used but the sails will rig on nearly any RDM mast.

:Yellow- Blue -Red
Size.    Price
2.7m  £580.00 Sold Out
3.0m  £585.00 Sold Out
3.4m  £595.00 Sold Out
3.8m  £605.00 Sold Out
4.0m  £608.00 Sold Out
4.2m  £610.00 Sold Out
4.5m  £620.00 Sold Out
4.7m  £630.00 Sold Out
5.0m  £640.00 Sold Out
5.3m  £650.00 Sold Out
5.7m  £660.00 Now £560.00!
6.1m  £669.00 Sold Out

The Elite, Re- Generation time so we now have the Mk7 for 2019!
As far as we know the main change in the Mk7 from the Mk6 is an updating of the panel layout to increase strength in the clew area and to update the sail visually to come inline with the current Ezzy range.. good looking sails and super tough! 
Ezzy say.. 

The Ezzy Elite carries 35 years of
Hookipa heart and soul: a sail that is
strong and light, planes quickly and
remains ultra controllable even in the
most hardcore conditions.
Ezzy sailors trust the Elite. It has the
power to drive through currents when
the wind is onshore, but it is
maneuverable enough to rip up the
waves on the way in—and land backloops
on the way back out. And, the sail remains
balanced and stable both on the wave and
also over chop in bump-n-jump seas.
Each year, the Elite changes in small
adjustments that combine to create an
elegant evolution over time. By adjusting
the construction, this year we are able to
make the sail feel lighter while at the
same time being stronger in the clew, a
traditional area of weakness for hardcore
wave sailing.
We work on every aspect of the Elite
to be perfect from rigging to carving. We
developed the calibrated rigging system
so that anyone can get perfect tuning in
seconds. Like all our sails, we build the
Elite in our very own factory because
that is the only way we can insure 100%
Ezzy quality. Each Elite is rigged,
calibrated, and inspected in our factory
before going out the door to sailors all
over the world.
We treasure the trust you place in us,
and in return we give you the Elite.

          Luff cm     Boom cm       Mast cm
Size  Min     Min Max Battens Base/Top Extension
2.7    323    124 132    4       315/340 10 cm 
3.0    337    131 140    4       315/340 24 cm 
3.4    349    135 144    4       340/340 12 cm 
3.8    362    140 149    4       340/370 10 cm 
4.0    371    143 152    4       370/370  6 cm 
4.2    377    146 155    4       370/370 10 cm 
4.5    389    150 160    4       370/400 6 cm 
4.7    398    154 164    4       370/400 16 cm 
5.0    410    158 168    4       400/400 12 cm 
5.3    422    163 173    4       400/400 24 cm 
5.7    434    169 179    4       400/430 22 cm 
6.1    447    173 184    4       430/430 20 cm 

Ezzy offer what they describe as Unmatched Customer Service, so if you have any questions that relate to your Ezzy kit or prospective Ezzy kit, then please email them ( ) and you will get a personal response within 12 hours.


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