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Product Information

2016 ProLimit Mini Kids Junior Rig 2.5m (PB24) Used

Year: 2016
Junior and Youth Complete Rig.
Ref: PLMK25(PB24)
Mini Kid Rig
Monofilm Sail with 2 battens. Alluminium 2 part Mast. Clamp Boom.
Mastcup adaptor to fit an SDM mast cup with the pulley base to fit onto a Euro/North pin starplate. . Uphaul and ropes. Carry Bag.


The Mini Kid rigs offer super lightweight rigs for juniors (even a 3.5m adult rig is damned heavy when used in light winds!) that make their initial sailing attempts easy as they are not struggling with something too heavy for them. The Rigs are well made and for the price.. amazing! This rig has had avery little use.


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