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Product Information

2011 Quatro KT Quad 76lt Used (SK77)

Year: 2011

Quad Wave Board.
Ref: QKT7611SK77
Volume : 76lt

Length : 228cm 
Width : 55.2cm
Sail Range : 3.3-5.3m 
Fin : Maui Ultra Fins 2 x 16.5cm 2 x 9cm G10
Fin Box Type : US and MT
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The Quatro KT Quad was one of the most 'wanted' boards when it was launched back in 2011. The boards in their fresh looking graphics with a green gel coat caught the eye,  but the performance of the boards was more of the reason why they became so popular. A lot of the Quads at the time were slow and needed Hawaiian type waves to get into their working mode, so it was quite funny that the Hawaiin Shaper (Keith Teboul) had produced a board that worked well in South Coast slop.. as well as in good sized waves of course! The condition of this board is good and it comes with the rated Maui Ultra fins rather than the stock MFC (more drive from the MUF's).
Quatro said... 

Keith Teboul’s signature Quad wave board. Hard core wave sailing has transformed, and the designs of Keith Teboul are a leading revolution. The Quad KT represents Keith’s personal preferences about what a true hardcore wave board should be. What has been a rarity is now the new standard.
The all new Quad KT board designs move through the water like modern high performance surf boards with fast, full rail and tight radius turns. This positive rail set allows you to finish your turns completely and with speed in the most critical sections, resulting in fluid and fast lines through areas of the wave rarely visited before.
The speed and confidence you feel riding the Quad KT will have you driving through turns on the way to hitting sections you wouldn’t have considered before. This is modern performance wave sailing at its leading edge.


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