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Product Information

2014 Witchcraft Custom Wave HDD Used NS86

Year: 2014
Ref. WC9914NS86
Weight: 7.6kg
Length: 232.3cm
Width: 63.1cm
Construction: HDD
Heavy Duty Dyneema

Dyneema® (60%) Carbon (15%) plus glass-epoxy-single-double-triple sandwich with full Dyneema on top and bottom, overlapping on the rails. Heavy Duty Dyneema® construction has a 24 months guarantee (when NEW). 
Fin: Original G10 Witchcraft 12.5cm Mini Tuttle side fins and 15.5cm US Centre fin supplied.
Sail range: 4.3 - 6.2m


A rare opportunity to buy one of the toughest windsurfing wave boards on the market. The WC HDD construction is almost bullet proof, which is very useful when most of the beaches you sail are shingle. It's also useful on the water as it reduces the chance of snapping in half, heal denting or boom  /mast damage to the deck.
This is a Custom Board (not a stock design) which has been made for a local Shoreham sailor and therefore was designed to be used in predominantly south coast waves but also for the odd trip 'West'.
If you would like to discuss the board then Contact us (or call us 01273465366) and we will put you in touch with the owner.
It is in good condition with the normal light scratching you get from pebbled beaches, one small mark on the tail and one 'light' scratch on the deck.
This is what Witchcraft say about their Custom designs..
With a custom board, you can adapt a board perfectly where you need it. The range can be adapted to any other boards you may have to build the perfect quiver. And it can be designed to sail as radical or easy as you need/want it.
As you cannot test a custom board before you buy it, we guarantee it will be the best board possible providing we have been given the information we need.
We do not need you to tell us how to shape it, we need to know about what you want from it. We need to know all about you, weight, height , shoe size , etc., which sails you want to use on the board, what your sailing level and style is, which other boards you will keep next to it, which board(s) it will replace and what you think of these boards. Then we can tell you what you can expect of the new board in relation to these boards.


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