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Product Information

2018 Fanatic Wave, Freewave, Freestyle, Freeride and Slalom Boards

Year: 2018
DISCOUNTS NOW AVAILABLE on 2018 Fanatic Boards.

Blast 115 Ltd (in Stock) £1599.00 Now £1279.00
Gecko Foil 120lt Ltd (in Stock) £1599.00 Now £1279.00

All Below Boards are to order.
Discount. At least 20% off of below prices.

Falcoln Slalom TE 89 114 121 £2099.00
Blast Skate TE 86 £1949.00
Freewave Stubby 85 £1599.00
Freewave Stuby TE 85 £1949.00
Freewave STB Textreme 85 £2299.00
Grip TE 68 (Quad not Quint box) £1949.00

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