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Product Information

2019 Red Paddle Co 10'8" Ride Inflatable SUP Board

Year: 2019
10'8" All round Fun SUP Board.  
Designed as an Allround Board for riders of up to 120kg.
Length: 10'8" 
Width: 34" 
Thickness: 4.7"
Volume: 296lt.
Carry Capacity 120kg
Board Weight: TBA
Colour: White/Steel Blue
Construction:  MSL Tech Air. Heavy Duty RIB Tube Material with pre-shaped rocker line. Soft fins moulded to hull. Boston Style inflation/deflation valve located at the stern of the board. RAM Bow mount for Go Pro etc. Central Carry Handle. Carry Bag, pump and repair kit supplied.
Inflation Pressure: 15-25psi
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Available only as a Package with the choice of a 3 Part Red Paddle paddle and a Red Paddle Co. SUP Leash (Straight or Coil)

Alloy Vario Paddle £899.00
*Carbon / Nylon Convertible Paddle Cam Lock £949.00
Carbon Vario Paddle 3-part Lever Lock £1049.00

Can be used for Adults and Children

**** We will MATCH any bonafide Web Offer ! ****

Unless you have seen an Inflatable Red Air SUP board it is understandable to be a little doubtful about the product, but once you have seen one you cannot help but be impressed with the construction and rigidity of these boards. For a look at the boards undergoing a very comprehensive Test, just Click Here
The paddles have been updated for 2019 with a Carbon shaft / Nylon bladed (two size options) which is a good mid ranger for newcomers to consider above the standard alloy version (saying that the alloy is a great paddle to keep for use by friends that fancy a go). 

The Carbon 3-part now uses the best type of adjustment system on the market called Lever Lock which is superbly easy to use.
Red Paddle say...

The Ride family is our most versatile, but we recognise that bigger riders often look for a board offering more stability, which is where the 10’8” Ride comes in.
It has all the same qualities as the 9’8” and the 10’6”, but it’s two inches wider at 34”/863mm and has an extra 56 litres of volume, creating a more stable ride. It’s also 4.7”/120mm thick, which means you get greater stiffness at lower pressure. In fact, it’s more than 40 per cent stiffer than a standard 4”/100mm board at the same pressure. Another benefit of the 10’8” is that you can take a small passenger on the board more easily, too, which is why family paddlers often prefer it to the smaller Ride options.
MSL fusion composite and airtight coating, MSL involves fusing a second layer of hard-wearing polymer to the dropstitch core at the raw material stage, removing hand gluing errors. The high-tech industrial process also saves almost 2kg in weight and makes the boards stiffer at lower pressures.
The board is fitted with screw mountings to enable the use of a range of accessories, from GPS devices and cameras to fishing rods and cup holders.


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