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Product Information

2017 Ezzy Sails Elite Mk5

Year: 2017
4 Batten Wave / Freewave -  High Tension Outhaul Sail
(Sail Specifications are below the description).

5th Generation .
  • Designed for on-shore and side-shore waves, as well as flat water.
  • Super Balanced, Stable, Lowered Centre of Effort.
  • Wide wind range, so fewer sails are needed in your quiver.
  • Calibrated Rigging System makes setting the downhaul a no-brainer.
  • Downhaul indicators for rigging non-Ezzy masts.
  • Bulletproof construction.
  • Every Elite is rigged and thoroughly inspected in our factory.
Mast Type: RDM
Note. To use the Ezzy Downhaul indicator their own mast should be used but the sails will rig on nearly any RDM mast.

: Red- Yellow- Blue
Size.    Price
2.7m  £540.00
3.0m  £545.00
3.4m  £555.00
3.8m  £565.00
4.0m  £568.00
4.2m  £570.00
4.5m  £580.00
4.7m  £590.00
5.0m  £600.00
5.3m  £610.00
5.7m  £620.00
6.1m  £629.00

The Elite, now its time for the Fifth Generation!
As far as we know the main change in the Mk5 from the Mk 4 is a lowering of the centre of effort to stop the 'lift' that some sailors felt when the sail was gusted or loaded up during a board slowing manoeuvre and , of course, new sail graphics!
More Info to follow as soon as we get it. 

Ezzy say.. 

Every year, for over 30 years, David Ezzy worries about what he can do to improve his sails. He describes sail design as crawling around a pitch black room, trying to figure out what the furniture looks like—a painfully slow process, requiring patience and science. Change one aspect of the sail, test it, learn from the test, and then try again. Year to year, improvements can be small refinements or significant changes to the sail.
The 2017 marks a fundamental improvement for the Elite. The new sail inspires us to sail better and to rig up quicker to get more time on the water. We feel the new luff panel makes the Elite more maneuverable without any tradeoffs. And the biggest change is a secret new construction process, which makes the Elite feel lighter in our hands—and it gets planing more quickly too. The Elite’s philosophy is to be the perfect all-around sail—we use the Elite for flatwater fun to bump-n-jump to high-performance onshore to radical down-the-line.The Elite is our go-to sail, so we need it to be easy. The wide wind range allows us to carry fewer sails which makes packing the car less of a head- ache. And the calibrated rigging system means we can have perfectly accurate tuning in seconds, so we spend less time rigging and more time on the water.
To insure our quality, we make the Elite in our own factory. And like every Ezzy sail, the Elite is rigged, calibrated, and thoroughly checked before it goes in the bag and out the door. We found that the lightweight, easy-to-sail, quick- to-get-going feeling of the Elite inspired us to spend more time on the water. It will for you too. 

For more Elite info, Click Here

sq.m     Luff      Boom    Mast Base/Top  Extension
2.7m     326   124 - 132     315 / 340     10cm
3.0m     340   131 - 140     315 / 340     24cm
3.4m     352   135 - 144     340 / 340     12cm
3.8m     365   140 - 149     340 / 370     10cm
4.0m     374   143 - 152     340 / 370     18m
4.2m     380   146 - 155     370 / 370     10cm
4.5m     392   150 - 160     370 / 400       6cm
4.7m     401   154 - 164     370 / 400     16cm
5.0m     413   158 - 168     400 / 400     12cm
5.3m     425   163 - 173     400 / 400     24cm
5.7m     437   169 - 179     400 / 430     22cm
6.1m     450   173 - 184     430 / 430     20cm

Ezzy offer what they describe as Unmatched Customer Service, so if you have any questions that relate to your Ezzy kit or prospective Ezzy kit, then please email them ( ) and you will get a personal response within 12 hours.


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