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Product Information

2017 Ezzy Sails Taka Mk3

Year: 2017
TAKA 4 is now about to be launched and sails will shortly be to pre-order as this is seen as a specialist wave riders sail.
(approx 2 months delivery).

3.5 Batten Wave Semi Soft Sail

• Depowers when you sheet out to make wave riding much easier.
• Light weight and strong build.
• Great high-end.
• Fantastic low-end.
• Wide wind range, so fewer sails required in a quiver.
• Very stable in a straight line. In fact, David has many of his 
   flat-water/freeride sailors sailing the Taka range.

Mast Type: RDM
Note. To use the Ezzy Downhaul Indicator (PDS) their own mast should be used but the sails will rig on nearly any RDM mast.
Colours:  Red - Blue - Yellow

Size.    Price
3.4m  £SOLD
3.8m  £SOLD
4.1m  £425.00
4.5m  £SOLD
4.7m  £SOLD
5.0m  £SOLD
5.3m  £SOLD

The Taka 1 was a long awaited sail for those that had loved the semi-soft sails of the late eighties.. but some found it 'difficult'.
The Taka 2 brought the sail up to date.. for a world where sailors are not just happy to get out on a board and ride waves.. the aerials are also important now..
The Taka 3.. well you really need to be a 'wave head' if you are going to get the best out of this sail but anyone can use a Taka 3 and have a Great Days Sailing! 
The Taka 3 is said to be as controllable in strong wind as the equivalent sized Elite and possibly a more powerful sail per sq.metre when rigged for light winds!

Are  the Taka 3 sails  difficult to Rig? You really cannot get it wrong if you just follow the instructions written on the sail!! There's a rigging video available on the Ezzy Site (see link below). 

Ezzy say..

If you are serious about waveriding…
On Maui is a shed full of Taka-3 prototypes that we will neither sell nor sail. Influenced by both the scientific method and the intuition gained after 35 years of making wave sails, we tested and tested and re-tested tweaked versions of last year’s sail trying to make it better. A bad prototype taught us what not to do. And we followed the ones that felt great until we had a sail worthy enough to carry on the “taka” tradition of being a lightweight, easy-to- depower, 3-batten wave sail. We called it the Taka-3.
The most obvious of the technical changes made to the Taka-3 is the strategically placed scrim luff panel for a softer, more forgiving feel. “Oh behave, baby!” The Taka-3 does just that in strong wind: no flutter, no movement of draft–just a well behaved, super smooth ride.
But what really sets the Taka-3 apart from any other sail is the awesome low-end. We found ourselves moving around on the 4.5 when other sailors were sinking on 5.3’s. Just set the downhaul to the “min 2” with our calibrated downhaul gauge and use the shortest outhaul guide cord to make the Taka-3 ride like a sail one or two sizes bigger. You get the power of a larger sail with the control of a smaller sail. What more could you ask of a wave sail?
Funny you should ask… We did too, and we focused our R&D on finding just the right amount the profile should adjust during wave riding. The Taka-3 luffs when you sheet out, so you can smoothly kill the power in a cutback and push harder on your board. When you drive into your next bottom turn, the Taka comes back to life with power.

We meticulously cut, stick, and sew the Taka-3 in our very own factory. After sewing, we rig, calibrate the downhaul gauge, and thoroughly check every sail before we slip it in the bag.
If you are as serious about wave riding as we are about making wave sails, the Taka-3 is for you.
Size   Luff cm- Boom cm   Mast (base/top)
3.4m 353 - 131 / 141cm  340/340
3.8m 368 - 134 / 144cm  340/370
4.1m 378 - 142 / 152cm  370/370
4.5m 388 - 150 / 160cm  370/400
4.7m 395 - 154 / 164cm  370/400
5.0m 400 - 158 / 168cm  370/400
5.3m 414 - 163 / 173cm  400/400

For more Taka info Click Here

Ezzy offer what they describe as Unmatched Customer Service, so if you have any questions that relate to your Ezzy kit or prospective Ezzy kit, then please email them ( ) and you will get a personal response within 12 hours.


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