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Product Information

2018 - 2019 Arrows iRig Inflatable windsurfing rig

Year: 2018 - 2019
Kite Technology for Windsurfing rigs

Sizes available: XS - S 

See text below for size guide! 

Video Link for more info

RRP £ 
XS £279.00  1 x Shop Display available at £229.00
S    £299.00SOLD OUT
M   £339.00 SOLD OUT
L    £379.00 SOLD OUT

The most innovative bit of kit seen in windsurfing for YEARS!
What a great idea to use kite technology (or the edge section of a kite..) to produce an ultra light, simple and small to pack away windsurfing rig!Not designed for anything else but fun and ease of use for those wishing to try windsurfing or power their SUP board when too windy to paddle. 
The rig is supplied with a deckplate so it can be fitted to any board with a track or insert and a pump valve adaptor. The only thing you need to add to the price is a pump with a gauge as that is not supplied (your SUP pump is fine..if not they start from around £15.00).
Pictures at the bottom are of customers and the first up is a young man called Natty (6 years) who is testing our XS outside of the shop but went for a bit of growing room.. next is of him using an iRig Small on a Fanatic 10'4" Premium SUP.

Arrows (or rather NORTH) say...

NORTH KITEBOARDING the world biggest Kite brand and NORTHSAILS market leader in Windsurfing rigs have joined forces to create the most innovative rig ever made. The outcome is what we call best of both worlds: incredible low weight and packing dimensions achieved through inflatable Kite-technology combined with the appeal and safety of a Windsurfing rig.
World-wide patent pending!

Remove the iRIG from the bag and unfold it.
Connect the included adapter to your SUP pump, put it into the inflation valve and start pumping.
3. GO
Finally connect the iRIG to your board (using the included mast base) and you’re ready to go. All within just 100 seconds!
The iRIG makes learning how to windsurf a piece of a cake, since it’s a whopping 70% lighter than any conventional windsurf rig and it is completely floating on the water. Everybody can have fun in low winds, instantly. Effortlessly enjoy the thrill of the greatest sport on earth without the usual pain of constantly falling into the water.

Recommended size for body height
XS -  Up to 6 years Old
S.  120 – 145 cm 3′11″ – 4′9″
M.  140 – 180 cm 4′7″ – 5′11″
L.   175 – 200 cm 5′9″ – 6′6″
Weight iRIG incl. mast base
1.2 kg 1.4 kg 1.8 kg 2.2 kg
Weight traditional rig
(e.g. NorthSails Drive.Cloth sail + EPX components)
4.0 kg 4.5 kg 7.5 kg 8.5 kg
The weight of the complete rig (including mast base) equals a 1,5 litre water bottle!
The iRIG comes in a small backpack completely eliminating the transportation and storage problem. This means convenient transportation in a small city car or even by bike – plus the storage at home takes no space.
The iRIG is 70% lighter than a traditional Windsurf rig.
It’s a common misbelief that it just depends on the size and stability of the board to avoid falling into the water. Yes a stable board helps keeping the balance of your legs.
A heavy traditional rig (if not constantly kept in its balanced position) though generates a lot of leverage which literally lifts or pushes the rider out of position (ending up in the water). And even the biggest board won’t be able to avoid that.
So the only solution to an instant learning success without falling into the water is a stable board in combination with the unbeatable low weight of the iRIG.
On top the feather-light weight and the ability to float onto the water make starting a piece of case as you can literally lift the iRIG out of the water with just two fingers.


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