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Product Information

2016 RUK Aggro 2-part HQ fibre shaft Paddle

Year: 2016

Adjustable 2 piece SUP Paddle 
HQ Glassfibre Shaft ( poss Carbon content) 
Note. There is a cheaper shaft available with this paddle
priced at £39.00 but we do not stock it. 
Polypropylene blade

Blade width 7.5"

Paddle dimensions 1.85m - 2.05m

Adjustment range 20 cms.
Paddle weight. 840gms
Compression clamp adjustment

A glass fibre shafted polypropylene bladed SUP paddle priced to suit the recreational paddler who wants a lighter paddle but at a reasonable price. The adjustment system is by a compression clamp ( as used by most brands) and there is a graduated scale on the handle section for ease of selecting your proffered length. The blade size is on par with current trends for narrower blades and would have to be classed as soft (or flexible) which is something else that is now seen as 'advantageous'  re. better drive / less shimmy  for recreational paddles (ever seen a fish or swimming creature that uses a rigid fin??)


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