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Product Information

2017 Goya Carbon RDM

Year: 2017
FROM £479.00!

Carbon Boom with reduced grip diameter
Lengths:  140-160-180-200cm
Adj. range: 50cm
Grip Diameter:
140 / 160cm boom 27.5mm
180 / 200cm boom 30mm into 36mm at tail
Tapered: 140 / 160cm No. 180 / 200cm Yes
Construction: Carbon
Weight: 2.05 / 2.11 /  2.2 / 2.42kg

Price £
140cm £599.00
160cm £639.00
180cm £839.00
200cm £939.00

One of the best priced carbon booms available, especially in the wave and 160cm slalom size. They fit both RDM and Std. masts. Wide Rear Tailpiece to increase boom stiffness and prevent sail rub . Loop and go rear cleat. Two pin rear end adjusters. Tapered tubes on Slalom sizes for stiffness and grip comfort . What more do you want!
Goya Say...

The Reduced Diameter is our workhorse carbon boom. Any photo taken and any world title won over the last years was made possible by use of this very boom constuction.
It features the same full prepreg carbon monocoque body and extension as the Super Skinny. The grip is a reduced diameter, in line with what most people consider comfy these days, slimmer than standard booms. The Reduced Diameter features the same stiffness and strength as the Super Skinny, as well as the proven double pin locking system. An adaptor allows use with RDM and SDM masts. With four sizes this boom spans a great range of sails and has been a favorite with a vast number of riders for a long time. The Reduced Diameter comes with wide and stiff tail ends, and lengths of up to 250 cm.


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