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Product Information

2015/16 Naish Sails Carbon 85 / 100 RDM Masts

Year: 2015/16
Reduced Diameter Mast available in C85 or C100
(Masts look the same and are supplied in a similar bag, hence just the C100 Picture shown)

Lengths available: 340-
*C100 only in 460cm
IMCS: 15-17-19-21-25
Carbon: 85% Pre Preg
Weight: 1.5 - 1.67 - 1.98 - 2.15kg
Bag supplied: Yes 

100% Pre Preg
Weight: 1.10 -1.25 - 1.45 - 1.55 - 1.70kg
Bag supplied: Yes 

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RDM 85% Price
340cm £379.00
370cm £399.00
400cm £429.00
430cm £449.00

RDM 100% Price
340cm £579.00
370cm £599.00
400cm £629.00
430cm £639.00
460cm £649.00

The Firestick masts for Naish Sails. Two carbon contenets available. The 85 has a slower response rate to gusting winds but does offer a cheaper mast with the right bend curve for Naish Sails. The C100 has a very fast response rate and it is a much lighter product. .but it comes at a premium price and for those that look into the 'eyes of Shorebreak' ..well, it has to be weighed up (breaking a mast on the water is one thing but doing it getting in or out is another!)
Naish say...

Carbon 100
Reduced diameter 100% pre-preg carbon. The lightest possible mast with suitable durability for wave conditions with the fastest reflex resulting in ultimate performance for wave, freestyle and bump & jump conditions.
Carbon 85
Reduced diameter 85% pre-preg carbon mast­—the ultimate “Ho’okipa proven” wave masts. 


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