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Product Information

Ezzy Sails Legacy XT RDM Carbon Masts

New Range from one of the strongest Mast Manufacturers.

Lengths: 315* -340 -370 - 400 - 430 - 460cm
*315 mast is supplied with a 145cm Base / 170cm top (340cm mast )
IMCS: 14.3 - 15 - 17 - 19 - 21 - 25 .
Carbon: 60%
Weight:  TBA- 1.55 - 1.70 - 1.85 - 2.0 - 2.15kg (approx.)

No Cover now supplied with Mast!
Cover or Padded Bag Price options. 
Cover add £16.99
Padded Bag add £29.99

Price £.
315cm £256.00
340cm £256.00
370cm £270.00
400cm £275.00
430cm £285.00
460cm £310.00

A half mast section is also available. 
Price is for Top or Base 

315cm £134.74
340cm £134.74
370cm £142.11
400cm £144.74
430cm £150.00
460cm £163.16

Ezzy Mast Cover. £16.99
Ezzy Padded Bag £29.99

Meet The Younger Bro' of one the toughest RDM masts we know of to date ( re. number of breakages to masts sold ).
New for 2016 and in at a great price the C60 Legacy XT brings the Ezzy mast into a price bracket that just has to be acceptable to those that have always wanted an Ezzy!  And here is even better news.. it is a mix and match system which is compataible with Ezzy's 90% mast which will enable you to mix and match the sections to suit your sail range and budget. The rule regarding mix and match is always use a longer top than the base (unless it's a keep you sailing situation of course) and use 90% as the upper where possible as the higher carbon content section is faster reacting to gusts etc.
These masts have not made it on the Ezzy site as yet but keep checking in as they will be shortly.


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