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Product Information

K4 Fins Ezzy Assymmetrical Fins

Composite Moulded Fins for use in Surf - SUP - Kite and Windsurf boards .

Available in Slot Box - Mini Tuttle and US fittings

with a choice of  1 / 2 / 3 degree Toe-in.

Please visit the K4 Website for assistance with
best Toe-in for your board... Click Here.

Sizes available in Asymmetric (flat on inner side).
7cm-  8cm - 10cm - 12cm -  13cm - 14cm  

RRP £29.98 pair or £14.98 Single (state which side!)

K4 have made a good name for themselves in the Windsurfing World by offering a reasonably priced fin system for boards. Althought the fins are basically plastic (which in previous years were shunned..) they do work very well in multiple finned boards, as their flex gives the boards increased grip and control in the turns! The Ezzy fins are believed to offer even more speed due to the Assy design and the three variations of toe-in available (bit like setting up the steering of a car) aid the tracking of the board.. I think.
K4 say..
The Ezzy Asymmetric fin! More power, more drive, more speed, less drag. This fin has a similer template to the Stubby but with an even wider base. Fully asymmetric foil with a radiused front and slightly positive inner foil to aid flow at high speeds. Choose a smaller fin size for less drag, same power. Great for huge gouging hooky cut backs.


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