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Product Information

K4 Fins Rockets

Composite Moulded Fins.

The Multi Fin Wave board Fin Range for the heavier sailor.
Our stiffer and larger area line of fins for riding. Great for heavier riders applying greater power in high wind and wanting more drive in low wind. Also suitable for lighter riders in onshore conditions or for those wanting more 'release' to learn taka's and other wave/freestyle moves. Upright template gives better 'pivot' for in the pocket riding.

Fronts. All £29.95 a pair or £14.98 single
13cm   US/SLOT/MT                  
12cm   US/SLOT/MT  
10cm   US/SLOT/MT 
  8cm   US/SLOT/MT  

Our front fin for looseness and speed. If you're getting all the grip and drive you need from the rear fins, this is a great front fin for loosening up your quad. Test winner.


Flex: MEDIUM Rears. All £59.96 a Pair or £29.98 Single
20.5cm US/SB/POWER
18.5cm US/SB/POWER       
17.5cm US/SB/POWER
16.5cm US/SB/POWER        
15.5cm US/SB
14.5cm US/SB         

Almost like having slalom fins in your waveboard! Lift, drive and speed for onshore conditions. Great for ealy planing and jumping. Also surprised us with their DTL performance but you'll need to use your rails for powerful turns as they don't have the same grip'n'whip in big cut backs and snaps as the flexier fins.     

For comparative performance ratings Click Here to see the K4 FIN GUIDE.


K4 Stubby, which is for multi fin boards and designed specifically with the heavier rider in mind. The fin is a more upright version of the Carve design , with a larger base area, less twist in the upper section and a stiffer mid section, but K4 have managed to keep the fin fairly slim for good board speed / less drag.
The downside of stiffening a fin is that you will lose a little grip on the wave when performing fast tight turns (when the K4 fins built in flex really works!) but it will aid early planing and better still for those heavier on their feet, the upwind performance of the fin (better alround option for south coast sailing??).


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