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Ezzy Sails Mast Tip Plug and Sail Turban / Head Cap

Mast Top Plug for all Ezzy RDM Masts. £8.99
Note. The mast top plug shown in pic 2 is the 'original fitment' for Ezzy masts and has now been superceeded to the current one shown in Pic 1  which accepts the tapered Neil Pryde style of head peg. Please let us know if it is the OLD type you require and we will see if we can find one!

Sail Turban / Head Cap (plastic) as fitted to all Ezzy sails. £8.99

Due to the new Calibrated Rigging Indicator on Ezzy sails, mast length has become critical. The mast top plugs have been noted as compressing over the years and it could be useful to replace these with the latest solid plastic type if you are using old masts on the new sails. You can find out more about the recommended true mast lengths by watching this Ezzy Video .


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