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Stoked Publications Kite and Windsurfing Guide Europe

English Edition.
320 Page Illustrated Book covering sailing locations in Featured Countries which include: Ireland, Great Britain, Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France (incl. Corsica), Spain, (incl. the Balearics), Portugal, Italy (incl. Sardinia & Sicily), Greece & the Greek Islands, Turkey, Morocco & the Canary Islands.
RRP for this book £41.95
Now £20.00! 

THE KITE AND WINDSURFING GUIDE EUROPE spans 15 countries, more than 35,000 kilometres of coastline and over 1,600 spots. Includes select local knowledge of wind and waves, plus conditions on the water as well as ashore. 400 pages, 1000 breathtaking photos and detailed maps of every region...
The Guide also offers travel information on each country and its people as well as insights into each area's kite- and windsurfing scene. It features a comprehensive introduction to Europe's meteorology and oceanography, explaining the most important weather patterns and wind systems complete with local wind stats and temperature charts. Europe uncovered - relevant to kiters and windsurfers alike..was a labour of love, as described below.
"From the idea to the completed book was one hell of a voyage... Much like the way waves always look smaller from the beach than they really are... All over Europe, experienced locals had to be found and interviewed in 12 languages. Thus over 1,600 spots came together and we finally had to draw detailed maps for more than 35,000km of coastline. Meanwhile the idea had to be presented to almost 100 of the world's best photographers and countless amateurs. We collated 15,000 photos and selected the best 1,000 for The Guide. Europe's meteorology and oceanography had to be analysed from a kiter's and windsurfer's perspective. Last but not least we also had to introduce the people, culture and landscapes of all featured countries and offer handy travel tips. After more than 3 years of work, we know why such a guide had never been compiled before.



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