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DVD Progression Kitesurfing Advanced

Kiteboarding Instructional DVD
UK Produced (Shoreham Beach is featured).
DVD Region PAL (NTSC to order only).
Duration: Approx 135mins
English Language.

RRP £21.00 Now £15.00

The progression series of instructional DVDs are here to give you the confidence and motivation to improve quickly and safely. Once you’ve mastered the kitesurfing basics, there is an amazing array of tricks and techniques that will keep you loving every aspect for kitesurfing for years to come –

Progression Kiteboarding Advanced takes the proven techniques used in our previous DVDs to break down these manoeuvres and allow any intermediate kitesurfer the opportunity to start slow and build to the tricks we all dream of mastering, whether its kiteloops, board offs, unhooking or your first handle passes.

Tricks covered in this DVD are:
•Hooked in Kiteloops
•Board offs
•Riding Blind
•Unhooked set up & basics
•Unhooked Kiteloops
•Unhooked Downloops
•Intro to Handle passes

Filmed in Egypt with British Pros Lewis Crathern, Neil Hilder and Jo Wilson we’ll show you that whether you’re young or old, male or female there are so many tricks that are within your grasp, you only need a little help so you can save your self some bruises!

If you would like to see a trailer of the movie, see this LINK


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