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Product Information

XM (Surfmore) Power Clip Straight - Hybrid Coil - Coil Leashes

SUP/Surf Leash with a quick release ankle or knee Cuff.
Straight,  Hybrid coiled (semi-coiled) or full Coil 
Double swivel stand-off design
Hook & Loop single-wrap strap
Detachable railsaver
Key Pocket

Hybrid Big Wave Leash Ankle Power Clip
8' 33.99 -  9' £35.99 -  10' £36.99 -  12' £38.99

Straight Big Wave Leash Ankle Power Clip
 8' £32.99 - 9' £33.99 - 10' £34.99 -  12' £36.99 -  15' £39.99

Straight Regular  Leash Ankle Power Clip
6' £28.99 - 7' £29.99 - 8' £30.99 - 9' £31.99 - 10' £34.99 

SUP Coiled 8'0" Leash Ankle Power Clip £32.99

Big Wave  6'0" Coil Leash 
Power Clip with Knee cuff
Great for Surf Ski use £32.99
Big Wave Coil Power Clip Ankle 10' £36.99  12' £38.99

Spare Ankle or Knee Cuff £12.95


Surf More XM offers three styles of Surf  / SUP leash to choose from: Hybrid semi coiled leash for flat water or surf paddling, which helps keep the cord out of the water for minimal drag (better for distance paddling) but is not as likely to get caught around the rider as a full on coiled leash will.
Straight leash which is generally used in surf.
Coil Leash which is usually used for flatwater disitance paddling.

The leashes are supplied with a Power Clip Quick Release ankle cuff (strap) but a knee cuff can be bought as an accessory for £12.95, which for larger SUP boards is advisable (unless you want your ankle/knee joints damaged) .
XM leashes have the unique Power Clip cuff to leash connector, which allows the user to rapidly disconnect from their board if things are going wrong.


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