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Product Information

2012 North Natural 5.8m

Year: 2012
Size: 5.8m
Luff: 453cm fixed head
Boom: 184cm
Mast: 430cm IMCS/21 SDM or RDM
Colour: C1 as shown

Click Here for a Windsurf Test of a 6.6m

North's No Cam Freemove / Freeride sail. The Natural is a High Tension Outhaul sail, which means that the battens pull away from the mast to aid rotataion and stability. Setting of the sails is easy with North's Visual Trim settings (How to Do It is printed on the sails!). The Natural in the mid sizes sets on SDM (best) or RDM masts. If you are looking for a North Sails that is easy to rig, fun to sail and will be used on larger Freewave or a Freeride board.. Natural is the answer!
North say...

Crossover - No.Cam

The NATURAL is powerful and playful as well as a manageable allrounder, which makes windsurfing as easy and relaxed as possible. This is evident from the fact that all sizes from from 6.2 up are equipped with CROSS.BATTEN and CUTAWAY.CLEW and now have deeper profiles. As a result all the new NATURAL’s have excellent passive acceleration even without much pumping, fascinating speed potential and an increased draft stability.

The powerful and playful manageable all-rounder now has even more performance than its predecessor and multiple test-winner. This is shown by the fact that all sizes from 6.2 are equipped with CROSS.BATTEN and CUTAWAY.CLEW which gives the NATURAL not only better acceleration but also an increase in high end stability and speed.

In the course of laborious tests, KaiHopf developed a new sail layout that requires much less trimming know-how. This means less time and knowledge is required for the setup, without need for subsequent adjustments!

The secret of the perfectly balanced range of the NATURAL is the PROGRESSIVE.BATTEN.CONFIGURATION. As a result, the focus for sizes up to 5.8 is still on handling and draft stability, which explains why only 5 battens are in place.

At 6.2 and above, the design focuses on performance while Kai Hopf once again concentrated on simple rig control and handling characteristics. Both versions offer excellent control, a high level of comfort, and plenty of planing ability - the perf ect synthesis of speed, acceleration, and handling.

The new NATURAL will make windsurfing much less complicated, and we believe that for many sailors the problem of choosing the right equipment is almost obsolete.


> 01 NEW: increased power through increased pre-shaping in the boom and foot area

> 02 VTS and HTS: NorthSails patented visual trim indications make rigging a piece of cake

> 03 TWO MASTS FIT ALL: with only 2 masts you cover all sizes

> 04 iMODULAR.DESIGN for reduced weight and better handling

> 05 DURA.LUFF.PATCH avoids damage to the luff panel from rigging

> 5 Year Warranty


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