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Product Information

2011 Naish Sails Force 5.3m Used

Year: 2011
Ref: NF5311 
Size: 5.3m
Luff:435cm (adj.head)
Mast: 430cm RDM
Colour: Yellow/White

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Designed for wave sailors who like a powerful sail with a high centre of effort and more back hand pressure. This sail has had a small repair to the panel above the lower batten pocket (it has had a dacron patch put over a cut in the panel next to the batten pocket). It also has a rigging scuff on the top batten pocket tip. Apart from that.. the general condition is good!

The Naish write up is below..

“The Naish Force is our flagship wave sail. The design objective of Robby’s personal ride is to deliver maximum performance in ALL conditions. The result sets the standard for power wave sails both in performance and ultra light construction technology. Designed with moderate aspect ratio and a powerful shape defined by twin scrim luff panels, the Force delivers even pressure to both hands and works equally well in both offshore and onshore conditions.”


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