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Product Information

K4 Fins Shark, Shark2, Carve and Flexy US / Slot Box / Mini Tuttle Front and Rear

Composite Fins for
US /
MT- Mini Tuttle
SB Slot Box boards.
Some SB also fit STAR Slot boxes

Shark Front Fins ( for Quad fin setup).

Shark 2. Super Stiff Front Fins
for more drive (Tri or Quad)
Supplied as a Pair £29.50
Available in K4 Yellow or RRD Orange
SB also fits Starboard style SLOT
8cm US / SB / MT 
9cm US / SB / MT
10cm US / SB / MT
12cm US / SB / MT

Shark 2. 1 Degree Toe Front Fins (Tri or Quad) 
Looser feel for boards with 0° Toe.
Supplied as a Pair £29.50
SB also fits Starboard style SLOT
8cm SB 
9cm SB 
10cm SB 
12cm SB

Flexy Rear Fins.
Supplied as a Pair £49.00 or £24.50 Single
12cm US / MT
13cm US / SB
14cm US / SB 
15cm US / SB 
16cm US / SB 
17cm US / SB 
18cm US / SB
20cm US / SB
Our original fin for performance wave riding. Lots of flex for amazing grip and looseness on the wave. Raked template for control. A progressive foil for different flows between tip and base. Test winner. Will loosen up a 'stiff' board and are particularly sweet as twin fins as they eliminate that unwanted top turn spin out.

Carve Front Fins. Supplied as a Pair £29.50
11cm US / MT 
12cm US / SB / MT 
13cm MT 
14cm US / SB / MT 
Our front fin for drive and control. Great for big sweeping carves and gouges. Swept flexy tip for maximum grip, high rake for control and wide base for drive.

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Note. Mini Tuttle boxes do alter in size, so the K4 head is made to fit the largest box known to man and may need rubbing down to fit slightly smaller boxes.


K4 Fins have become pretty much the number 1 supplier for multi finned board riders as the fins offer a very good option for alternative sizing to that supplied with the board, and at a very reasonable price! But price isn't everything, as the riders include most of the UK's infamous West Coast wave sailors as well as many overseas riders, such as Graham Ezzy and Alex Mussolini, and they will not use fins that don't work! K4 say....
K4 Fins have created a unique and new material for windsurfing. OptoFlex is a molded resin long fibre matrix that has been carefully manipulated to provide the perfect flex patterns for windsurfing. Our K4 technicians took a long time to create the perfect material with the qualities needed to provide the performance we now appreciate. Lighter, snappier and with outstanding flex memory.


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