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Product Information

2011 North Duke Freestyle/Wave 6.4m

Year: 2011

Sail currently On Hold for a customer. Please Call!

Luff: 459cm
Boom: 191cm
Mast: 430/460cm RDM or SDM
Colour:  White/Blackberry/Brown.


The North Duke is a Power wave sail that morphs into a freewave/style in the sizes above 5.9m. It is a High Tension Outhaul sail and suits sailors who are looking for a lot power and reasonable back hand pressure (depending on how you set it) from their sail.
The 2011 model is the first of the Dukes to have been designed primarily to rig on an RDM mast, but it will work almost as well on an SDM.
5 year material Guarantee.


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