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Product Information

2010 RRD Fire Race 120 W-Tech

Year: 2010
Freerace Board
Weight: 7.6kg
Length: 235cm
Width: 75cm
Construction:EPS/HD Glass/Wood sandwich skin on top and bottom with a Glass crossed fibres laminated in Single Shot moulding process.
Fin: MFC 44 RC2 CNC G-10 Tuttle Box
R-S-S: 5.5/7.5m

A Freerace board which has the speed and early planning virtues of a race board but has the tougher construction of a freeride. One for those that want speed (at a very reasonable cost)  and not so much worried about the way it turns.
RRD description below.

The Fire Race boards are made with the same shape as the x-fire 2009 boards! Pure World Cup boards built with wood and glass technology that will allow the racing and performance feeling but with a more durable construction technology.

Each board has different size. Wide and short outline on the 135 and narrower and longer on the 120, 112 and 105 (112 and 105 special order sizes in the UK). Proportionally related scoop-rocker lines in order to create a perfect balanced racing machine. No compromise on the speed potential. Get ready for some action...


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